Jack’s Craicing

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I’m including this little snippet of me taking a tumble for two reasons.

Reason #1:  I’m going to be making a lot of fun of a lot of people in future blogs so I figured it would be prudent to demonstrate that I can take it as well as give it.

Reason #2:  My daughter Emily (she is the one you can hear giggling as she watches her fat father roll into Lido Blvd) is half way through showing this video to all my family and friends.  And her friends.  And anyone who walks into JA’s.  I figured I might as well get out in front of that.

An explanation:  I was trying to pull one of the big potted plants that the Point Lookout Beautification Committee has so graciously spread around Point Lookout to the front of the restaurant..  As I pulled on the box a piece of the board snapped off in my hands and the result was the rolling ball of blubber you see in the video.

Everyone be warned now…there will be no crying if embarrassing info makes its way into my blogs!!



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