Jacks Craic 14 results

The Shana and Charlotte Twins

We were graced by the presences of young Shana and Charlotte in JA's today and they were delighted to find out that two of our outstanding staff are also named Shana and Charlotte. A photo of the "twins" seemed like a must.

Jack’s Craicing

Click on the above link after reading below. I'm including this little snippet of me taking a tumble for two reasons. Reason #1:  I'm going to be making a lot of fun of a lot of people in future blogs so I figured it would be prudent to demonstrate that I can take it as well as give it. Reason #2:  My daughter Emily (she is the one you can hear giggling as she watches her fat father roll into Lido Blvd) is half way through showing this video to all my family and friends.  And ...

JA’s Conquers the Green Hornet

  The team that plays together stays together.  A few of the fearless workers of JA's decided to take on Great Adventure this week and can be seen here in the front row.  From the left we have Jess, Quigs, Man-Child Mike, and Sous Chef Phil.  Missing from the photo are Annie and Caroline.  Annie apparently was searching for her stomach from a previous ride and Caroline was kind enough to help Annie look for it.

Tuesday’s in the Tavern

BREAKING NEWS FROM JA HENEGHAN'S TAVERN!!! Normally JA's is closed on Tuesdays until the summertime when we open for regular dining. Over the past two summers we have seen how adding an extra day of full dining has tired out an already pretty exhausted kitchen crew.  In order to avoid this we have decided to go with a concept of "Tuesday's in the Tavern".  We are going to close the dining room to eating while leaving the pub and patio area open with the pub menu.  We are then going to ...