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Welcome to Jack's Craic

My name is Jack Heneghan and I’m one of three brothers who own JA Heneghan’s. I’ve decided to begin this little blog so we can let the friends of JA’s get some insight into the events and people of our Tavern. The title of the blog is Jack’s Craic. Craic is an Irish word which means “a good time, especially among a group of friends”.


JA’s Goes to Maine

The Point Lookout Heneghan’s (Eileen & Kevin, Karen & Jack, and Grandma) traveled to East Boothbay Harbor to visit the sole sister of the Heneghan Clan.  Our sister Eileen is married to Dan Miller who is my old roommate from USMMA.

Nicole Roarke

Something’s Cooking at JA’s!! 2/4/17

Its time for an update concerning new developments at JA’s. As many of you may have heard our Executive Chef, Nicole Roarke, has taken on a new job with the FiOS 1 News show “Restaurant Hunter” with Rob Petrone. Nicole, as well as JA’s itself has appeared on a number of Restaurant Hunter episodes over the last few years.


Michigan Dave Kellan 12/14/16

One of the good aspects of being part of a restaurant is that you get to meet some pretty interesting and talented people. Over the past year we have had Dave Kellan grace our Tavern with some pretty inspired music.


Exciting Developments at JA’s. 10/25/16

Within the next few months we should be serving grass-fed beef that is coming from a Heneghan farm. As most of you may know, JA’s is owned by three of the Heneghan boys, Kevin, Jack, and Jim. Another brother, Bart, lives up in Coxsackie, NY and owns a farm where he has been raising grass-fed cattle for a couple of years now.


Aces for Luke - 7/4/16

Our very own Luke Heneghan (bar manager, bartender, beer-brewer extraordiniare) aced the first hole at Nickerson Beach (also known as Augusta of the North) last Wednesday. His playing partner, Catherine Heneghan, declared that it wasn’t official since she didn’t see it go in the hole.


Tuesday’s in the Tavern - 7/4/16

Normally JA’s is closed on Tuesdays until the summertime when we open for regular dining. Over the past two summers we have seen how adding an extra day of full dining has tired out an already pretty exhausted kitchen crew.


Jack’s Craicing - 6/17/16

I’m including this little snippet of me taking a tumble for two reasons. Reason #1: I’m going to be making a lot of fun of a lot of people in future blogs so I figured it would be prudent to demonstrate that I can take it as well as give it.


Tuesday’s in the Tavern - 6/15/16

This week’s “Tuesday’s in the Tavern” is highlighting a couple of local Long Island businesses that you can visit on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Long Beach Market. We are proud to have visit us The Big Cheese, specializing in multiple variations of cheeses, and Saint James Brewery.