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My name is Jack Heneghan and I’m one of three brothers who own JA Heneghan’s.

I’ve decided to begin this little blog so we can let the friends of JA’s get some insight into the events and people of our Tavern. The title of the blog is Jack’s Craic. Craic is an Irish word which means “a good time, especially among a group of friends”. And the “Craic” is what we hope everyone who comes into JA Heneghan’s experiences.

heneghans-ny-timesThe topper to the JA Heneghan’s experience is to enjoy the culinary talents of one of Long Islands acclaimed chefs, our own Nicole Roarke.

We will soon debut another blog on the website that will be called Lu’s Brews.

This blog will be written by my nephew Luke Heneghan. Luke is a Notre Dame grad who had a thriving job on Wall Street only to decide to quit that job and follow his dream of becoming a brewer of beer. His mom and dad were obviously thrilled. Nonetheless, Wall Street’s loss is JA’s gain as Luke has taken control of our taps and bottled beers and will be updating everybody concerning our beers as well as his journey to becoming a brewer extraordinaire!! So stay tuned for news and fun facts concerning the events and people of JA Heneghan’s.



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