JA’s goes to Maine

 The Point Lookout Heneghan’s (Eileen & Kevin, Karen & Jack, and Grandma) traveled to East Boothbay Harbor to visit the sole sister of the Heneghan Clan.  Our sister Eileen is married to Dan Miller (my old roommate from USMMA).  They have six children and own a restaurant up in Maine called the Lobsterman’s Wharf (http://www.lobstermanswharf.com).

The Millers have been up in Maine for 25 years and first bought the Ocean Point Marina (http://www.oceanpointmarina.com).  A little over two years ago a restaurant next to the marina came up for sale and Dan and Eileen bought it.

The rumor going around the Heneghan clan was that the Millers figured if those idiots in Point Lookout could run a restaurant how hard can it be?  Well the jokes on them now as they operate a 160 seat restaurant 7 days a week from May to October.  Their oldest son Zach manages much of the restaurant in addition to running the kitchen.  Second oldest Kelsea has a real job in Brunswick Maine but comes home to help out when she can.  Third oldest Danny shoulders some of the hosting duties and just found out while we were up there that he has been selected to go to Seattle, WA for next summer’s USA Special Olympics as a swimmer.  Fourth oldest Cormac is currently in Qatar serving in the Air Force.  Fifth and Sixth oldest Killian and Sinead are both college students who bartend and serve when they are home.

Heneghan's Tavern Lobster FarmNaturally JA’s is constantly in our minds when we travel and we have been thinking if there was any synergy to be had with Maine as we have had with Coxsackie, NY’s Heneghan Farms (Grass Fed Beef and Produce).  An obvious candidate to introduce to JA’s is Maine Lobster.  We are going to get our Consulting Chef Nicole Roarke, as well as our Chef de Cuisine Phil Wienstein to get together with Zach to see if they can come up with some new items (lobster roll?) for JA’s and Fisherman’s Wharf menu’s.  We also found out that the river that runs out by Ocean Point Marina is world famous for their oysters (http://www.oysterguide.com/maps/maine/) so that will be another area that the chefs will investigate.
So if you are in the Boothbay area please stop in to see them.  They talk wicked funny and root for all the wrong sports teams but as long as you don’t let on that you know the Point Lookout Heneghan’s they should treat you real nice.  We hope to bring our chefs up to Boothbay in the near future to get this ball rolling so stay tuned for more details.



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