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Hey guys –

This is new to me and very awkward, but I’m going to use this space to talk about some of my experiences and observations venturing out into this world of craft beer. My uncle Jack (who’s a great writer and loves to blog pretty much forced me into this) We’ll see how this goes and erase this all from the Web if it goes miserably.

The beginning of my journey starts as Beer Manager at JA Heneghan’s, a highly touted position and role I inherited from the great Heinz Posch. Heinz taught me everything I know – so if you hate all the beer we have at JA’s, you can blame him. But in all seriousness, Heinz was a great teacher for me and introduced me to the Long Island beer scene and I’m so stoked that he’s cancer-free and boozing with us this summer.

One thing Heinz really liked to push at the bar was local Long Island beer and this is definitely something I’d like to continue. I like this local movement and the push for Long Island beers, because I think this is in essence what the whole craft beer industry is about – small, visible, local efforts to make superior quality product. What the successful American craft breweries have shown is that this is possible – small American breweries are now creating beers and new beer styles that are being imitated across the world and proven to be a tastier and overall better product than the beer being produced by the international beer conglomerates.

My belief is that a fresh, locally brewed beer can be the best beer you’ll ever taste – and I hope I can get you guys to agree with me.



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    Kj bolkcom December 24, 2016 (4:15 am)

    What’s up Luke , it’s kj. I’ll be back in town February 3rd and look forward to enjoying the super bowl at ja heneghans. I love following the success of the restaurant and can’t wait to try your beers and talk about beer with you. You ever try any beers merchant du vin represents? They are our beer supplier for southern glazers wine and spirits and I have fallen in love with their beers. check out their website and let me know if there is anything you want to try. Give Jay a slap for me and can’t wait to see you guys.

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