Michigan Dave Kellan

One of the good aspects of being part of a restaurant is that you get to meet some pretty interesting and talented people.  Over the past year we have had Dave Kellan grace our Tavern with some pretty inspired music.  Dave’s not your generic singer-songwriter, he is an ass-kicking guitarist that is complemented by some pretty awe-inspiring vocals.  Dave mixes in some mighty original tunes with a great variety of  bluesy mainstays (I’ve been told by a number of people that he does a better James Taylor than JT himself).

While I am not a talent scout for any of the record companies, although many people at the restaurant wish I was,  I am shocked that Dave hasn’t been signed by somebody who would have him playing far better venues than our own JA’s Tavern.  (Although I do think Dave might be getting addicted to Nicole’s cooking and he’s pretty comfortable with the fashion trends being established by Luke here at JA’s).

Dave is scheduled to appear at JA’s this Thurs (Dec 15th) as well as Dec 29th, Jan 12th and Jan 26th, all of these dates are on Thursday which we are now calling Michigan Dave Thursdays around here.  In fact, we’ve told Dave that we’ll take him on any Thursday that he is available, we think he is that good.

So if you have some free time on one of these Thursday’s come on in to JA’s, have a beer, eat a few wings, and listen to one the better musicians you’ll ever get to see in such an intimate setting.





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