Mug Club Party

Hello All.  JA Heneghan’s, like the rest of humanity on the east coast, is impatient for Spring to have sprung.  Keep an eye out for our new outdoor furniture that should be appearing soon.  Also we are having our annual Mug Club Party this Tuesday, April 13th.  We hear from Mug Club Members that they are not being directly informed of our events and we do try our best to get the word out via Social Media.  Of course, we maintain a Mug Club email list which is the most effective way of getting news out to our members but it appears that when members were jotting down their email addresses on the Mug Club application they were either: 1)  trying to impress their companions with their ability to write with either hand, or 2)  attempting to show why they should be in the Mug Club by demonstrating their ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol which somewhat impaired their penmanship.  (Not to worry, part of being in the Mug Club results in the local cab company’s phone number being stamped on your hand as you enter JA’s).  The net result is that we have a number of unintelligible email addresses so if you are a Mug Club member please give the bartenders your email address (BEFORE you start to partake in refreshing yourself) or simply send an email to our website stating you are a Mug Club member giving your email address.  Hopefully we get to see all you Mug Clubbers on Tuesday.  Also keep the night of April 28th open as we will be having our next Beer Dinner pairing featuring our very own Executive Chef Nicole Roarke and Two Roads Brewery from Connecticut.

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