Point Lookout Golf Outing

The first annual Point Lookout Golf Outing was held this past Wednesday at the Lido Golf Course. As you may know the management of the golf course has been taken on by the Town of Hempstead and our friend Matt Thompson was instrumental in setting up the outing. Unfortunately Matt couldn’t actually attend the affair as he was being honored at another dinner that night. I wonder what if feels like to be thought of that highly. My employees tell me that I need not worry about that.

This outing was Co-hosted by the Point Ale House and JA Heneghan’s Tavern. Fitz and Lindsay from the Ale House did all of the heavy lifting in pulling the day off so well. Our very own Shana volunteered to be the beer cart server and did a tremendous job putting way too many miles on the cart and making sure that no golfer went thirsty.

Crafty Matt Boyle showed all the golfers what experience can do by winning the closest to the pin contest with a shot that was 6 feet from the pin. On the ladies side Kerry Byrne won the the long drive with a prodigious shot that had my foursome reaching for more Advil (and calling for Shana). If you didn’t make it this year be sure to make time to come to the 2nd annual outing next year as a great time was had by all.

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