Something’s Cooking at JA’s!!

Its time for an update concerning new developments at JA’s.  As many of you may have heard our Executive Chef, Nicole Roarke, has taken on a new job with the FiOS 1 News show “Restaurant Hunter” with Rob Petrone.  Nicole, as well as JA’s itself has appeared on a number of Restaurant Hunter episodes over the last few years.  FiOS 1 News must have realized what had become apparent to us in that in addition to being a great chef Nicole is also a natural in front of the camera talking about food.

After Nicole approached us about her new job we went on an extensive search and met with a number of highly qualified and experienced chefs.  Their advice to us was almost unanimous, if we wanted to keep our menu we were really better off staying with our Sous Chef and cooking line and hiring a Consultant Chef for about a year or so to make sure that our current staff maintains the quality that we insist on.  As good fortune would have it, while we were in our interviewing mode, Nicole let us know that her new job allowed for her to be at JA’s for one day a week.  Viola!!  Not only did we get the best Consulting Chef we could have hoped for but  Nicole gets to keep her hand in her creation here at JA’s (and provides a means to fill her cooking “fix” as she puts it).

So not only will Nicole be around to make sure that we maintain our high standards, she will also have time to continue to develop our menus as well as consult with us as we move to having Heneghan grass fed beef and produce being served at JA’s.  Nicole’s job has her producing and appearing in shows in NJ, and Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk counties so as an added benefit to us Nicole can bring back to JA’s all the newest trends and tastes from the best eateries in the NY area.  We are really excited for Nicole in her new venture and are delighted that she can keep a hand in the many things going on here at JA’s.

To sum up, our new Kitchen structure will be as follows:

–  Nicole Roarke  Consulting Chef

–  Phil Weistein    Chef de Cuisine

–  Ross Lager      Sous Chef

Phil has been at JA’s for 2 years now.  He is a lifetime Long Beach resident (local kid makes good!!) and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.

We just received our first shipment of Grass Fed Beef from the Heneghan Farm in Coxsackie, NY.  Stay tuned for news about how the grass fed beef will make its way on to our Menus!!!

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