Heneghan’s Tavern: Point Lookout, NY

Great Food Served with Style

Heneghan’s Tavern: Point Lookout, NY  - Great Food Served with  Style

Heneghan’s Tavern Launches New Website

richard zampella

Point Lookout’s own Heneghan’s Tavern announces the launch of our new redesigned website at www.heneghanstavern.com

Designed and developed by Richard Zampella of Transmultimedia, our new custom website has forward-thinking design, with menus that can be changed with ease, and notable details in the site’s design itself.

Responsive design is a modern approach to web design that responds to the screen size one is using to view a site and adapts to the correct screen size to display the site correctly. Rather than creating multiple websites to display on different devices, our new responsive website design allows for different movements and rearrangements for multiple layout variations. We love this feature, because no matter what device a customer is using, it will be formatted correctly. Another progressive feature our website is the photo gallery, which was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript code This forward-thinking approach makes the gallery accessible from various mobile devices.

All the menus for the site – Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Craft Cocktails and Our Beer menu – are integrated with the website for design consistency, aiding in search engine optimization.

There are many details about our new custom website that we love! Here’s a few that we would like to point out:

1. Social media integration. This allows our website visitors to quickly share our site with their friends on social networks. This feature is great, especially for friends wanting to share and discuss a great place to eat!

2. Our photo gallery. This feature integrates photos of Heneghan’s Tavern as well as our employees. We wanted to strengthen the tie between our customers and staff, and we found this detail will help to connect our customers with their servers and other staff members they may encounter while at the restaurant.

3. Strategically placed calls-to-action & forms. These tactful messages will help encourage site visitors to view Heneghan’s Tavern menus, to visit us  on social networks, and to book private parties. Since these are the major areas we would like to increase visibility on, we are pleased to have these as the emphasized calls-to-action.

We encourage you to explore our new custom responsive website and stop by at 57 Lido Boulevard in Point Lookout for a great meal, or call us today at (516) 544-2777 for more information!